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Want to wallpaper your lounge?

Getting your home looking the way you want can be a difficult task. However with our choice of painting and decorating supplies in Belfast you are off to a great start.

Whether you need wallpaper adhesive or wood anti-rot treatment, our painting and decorating supplies are designed to give you the look that you want at a competitive price.

Do you love painting?

Our painting and decorating area has a wide selection of patterns and colours. Put your DIY skills to the test and create something unique in your home.


For more information on whether we have the paint you need, call us to find out what we have in stock, or pop down to the shop and see for yourself.

We stock:

• Painting and decorating supplies

• Emulsion

• Varnishes

• Radiator paint and spray

• Solvents

• Sealants

• Wallpaper adhesive

• Wood anti-rot treatment

Would you like to pick up more varnish? Come to our hardware shop today.

Painting and decorating products for sale